December 1 - 3, 2020

International Business Convention
for the Aerospace Industry

Aeromart Toulouse 2016
1 - 3 décembre 2020

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  • Program - Wednesday, December 3

Aeromart Toulouse 2014 Conferences program, wednesday December, 3

Conferences language : English, except for three workshops ()

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ICAM TECHNOLOGIES - ICAM SmartPATH offers CATIA Users Reduced Manufacturing Cycle Time
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Mr. Jean-Nicolas RUBY, Vice-President Technical Marketing & Services, ICAM Technologies Corporation

Multi-axis part manufacturing requires considerable programming time with numerous iterations inside the CAM system and machine simulator prior to part production. CAM and NC programmers also struggle to create safe movements while avoiding machine over-travel. ICAM Technologies will present SmartPATH, an optimization module that is part of its integrated post-processing and simulation solution. SmartPATH automatically creates the appropriate safe retracts and approach motions for part manufacturing based on the machine kinematics and machine specifics; thereby, mitigating the importance to define all safe retracts and approach motions inside CATIA. Now, CAM programmers can concentrate on their CAM strategy and let the ICAM solution adapt and optimize the NC program based on the available CNC machine. This unique solution also allows CATIA programmers to directly re-use existing CATProcess files on different CNC machines, without having to modify the CATIA program. ICAM will also present the simplicity to automatically migrate an existing CATProcess to various machines with different kinematics configurations and NC controllers.


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Mr. Vincent CAULET, Industry Sectors Manager, Bosch

With 264 plants worldwide, the industry leader Bosch Group, is convinced that Industry 4.0 is a promising solution to improve industrial productivity. The Bosch Group has already developed product innovations for its factories but also for its customers. Bosch Rexroth part of the Bosch Group will present at the conference three examples of new products oriented industry 4.0; smart and connected components with the Open Core Engineering from Bosch Rexroth, then followed by collaborative robots APAS from Robert Bosch and finally the software suites solutions, including predictive maintenance.


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GIMAS - Overview of Morocco Aerospace
Mrs Maria EL FILALI, GIMAS Director- Moroccan Aerospace Industries Association

Morocco has experienced a tremendous development in the aerospace industry, with more than one hundred companies operating in the country today. The geographic proximity of Morocco to Europe, 2 days by truck from Toulouse to Casablanca, the diversified and high added-value supply chain, along with the set of incentives the government offers to investors within the framework of a national strategic plan, are all factors of this 15 years successful history. Bombardier, Safran Group with 7 subsidiaries, Daher, Zodiac Aerospace, UTAS, and more recently Aerolia, and a number of SME’s, have chosen Morocco because it offers the best conditions of competitiveness. The Conference will be about the history of aerospace industry in Morocco, a description of the supply chain and its main actors, the different fields of activity where companies operate, and the advantages of the country and incentives offered to investors. A focus on the main projects that were set up to promote and accompany the development of companies will be presented, about Midparc Offshore Zone and IMA – the dedicated training institute to aerospace companies.

UBIFRANCE – China and India Aerospace Market - why SMEs should be interested?  
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Ms Ren RUI, Development Officer, UBIFRANCE Pekin
Ms Radhika YELKUR, Export Advisor, UBIFRANCE Bangalore

Respectively 2nd and 11th world power, China and India are considered as priority markets for the aircraft industry. Both Airbus and Boeing consider that the Chinese aeronautical market will become bigger than the American one by 20 years. Today, one of five A320 is delivered to Chinese airlines and the coming soon opening for the airspace at low level will boost sales of private jets and helicopters that the country is dreadfully lacking. India is not, however outdone, with a contract for 126 fighters to be signed, a need for 900 to 1,000 additional civil planes to be delivered during coming 20 years and connected MRO centers to be developed. China and India continue to develop their own aircraft industries, several local manufacturers are even on the way to propose their own planes to the world market. Experts from UBIFRANCE - the French Agency for International Business Development – located in China and in India, will give a clear overview of these two markets, thus to enable SMEs to detect related business opportunities.


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Norway, the place for highly innovative bilateral cooperation (Aeronautics/Space/Energy)
Mr Rolf Einar Fife, Norwegian Ambassador to France
Mr Jan Erik Strand, President of the French-Norwegian Foundation
Mr Martin HENNUM, Senior Consultant, Innovation Norway
Mr Ludovic CAUBET, Managing Director, French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce

The whole Norwegian industry is focusing on Innovation. This workshop will allow you to understand how cross industry cooperation with Norway will bring new opportunities. Many projects have already been undertaken between French Aerospace and Norwegian companies, some of them lead to the recent signature of a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2014 between Aerospace Valley and Subsea Valley (Norwegian Subsea Oil & Gas Cluster). The French-Norwegian Foundation will also present you some mechanisms on how to finance bilateral R&D projects.



AEROLIA presentation
Mr. Raphael DUFLOS, Vice President Procurement and Supply Chain
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Mr. Bruno COUSIN, Chief Procurement Officer, AIRBUS CORPORATE JET CENTRE

Since its creation in 2009, Aerolia has always placed its industrial performances and supplier’s relation in the middle of its strategic vision. With more than 70% of outsourced value and with the increased requirements of the market, the supplier's relation seems to be one of Aerolia's major lever of success over the next years. The Aerolia’s procurement team is continuously in search of collaborative and innovative solutions to improve the performances and competitiveness of the whole supply chain.


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FEDEX – SENSEAWARE: The innovative way to end to end visibility
Ms Amber WILLIAMS, SenseAware Product Manager, Fedex US

SenseAware powered by FedEx delivers near real-time information about your shipments, allowing you to make proactive, critical decisions. Unlike data-loggers that provide detailed information post-transit, SenseAware uses SBL technology to communicate a shipment’s whole story almost as soon as it happens, whether it’s before pickup, during the journey, or after delivery. SenseAware provides you the innovative way to have end-to-end visibility into your supply chain, serve your customers, assure quality, and enhance your ability to competitively differentiate.

SIEMENS - Digital Factory in the Aerospace Industry
Mr. Nicolas, VITZIKAM, PLM Sales Executive, Siemens
Mr. Pietro CUTTICA, MES Sales Executive, Siemens
Mr. Bernard MAUCLERE, MC Product Manager, Siemens

SINUMERIK Integrate for production, SIMATIC IT and TEAMCENTER Shop Floor Integrate, the intelligent IT integration for more efficient manufacturing. The most comprehensive selection of IT solutions for Machines Tools, provided by the CNC technology leader, allows to connect machineries to higher-level IT systems at the company level, with the benefit of a centralized management of processes and production data, thanks to networked and shared resources.

TECh2MARKET - Space technologies benefit aeronautic industries
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Mr. Benoit RIVOLLET, CEO, Tech2Market

In addition to outstanding knowledge acquired for humanity and science, space exploration and innovative technologies developed during space programmes benefit aeronautic. The range of non-space applications related to space technologies is huge and we can assume that 1 euro spent can make between 4 and 20 euros within next ten years. Tech2Market, French representative of the technology transfer programme of the European Space Agency, will present during this conference different opportunities offered by the programme and will highlight last years’ most significant success stories.


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IRT Jules Verne - Robofin - A new robotics solution to finish large size work object
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Mr. Alexis GIRIN, Robotics R&D Engineer, IRT Jules Verne

Robofin aim is to propose a new solution to finish large size work object based on industrial robot. Robotic cell is composed of KUKA KR 500, 6 axes robot with 500 kg playload, with additional linear rail of 18m long. The robot is able to perform industrial tasks (for instance deburr, sand, drill,...) thanks a 12 kW machining spindle and the original accuracy of the robot (close to 5 mm with maximum playload) is increase by using innovative algorithm to reach 0.2 mm during debarring operation. Algorithms use model and identification of the robot in order to correct trajectories outline, before machining operation, and no additional sensor is needed.


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Aero Montreal’s MACH Initiative: the steps and key factors of a successful program implementation in Belgium
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Ms Mélanie Lussier, Director, Market Development for the SMEs,  AÉRO MONTRÉAL
Mr. Etienne POURBAIX, Managing Director, SKYWIN Aerospace Cluster of Wallonia (Belgium)

Created and launched in 2011 by Aéro Montréal, Québec’s aerospace cluster, the MACH Initiative is a program aimed at enhancing aerospace supply chains competitiveness and performance. The program provides SME’s with a full audit of their capabilities on 15 key processes, a training program, a recognized certification process and a privileged relationship with a mentor. This conference will focus on how the Initiative was implemented with Skywin, Wallonia’s (Belgium) Aerospace Cluster, as a turnkey solution for improving suppliers’ capacity and capabilities .


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